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Onika Paolucci

Meet Onika Paolucci - Aboriginal Health Practitioner at Darwin Clinic

“I feel like a really valued team member. I have been working for well past half of my life and never felt as valued as I do at Danila Dilba.”

Beginning her traineeship with Danila Dilba back in 2015, Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Onika Paolucci works at the clinic in Bagot. Her role as an AHP provides the vital link between her community and Danila Dilba’s medical services and programs. As much as she would be shy to recognise it and be the first to say that others deserve it more than she does, Onika was named our 2017 Employee of the Year!

Onika is intensely motivated by the opportunity to make a real impact to the community and is committed to Danila Dilba’s mission of holistic healthcare.

“I would love to see my people not in the bottom part of the health statistics. I want them to be able to look after themselves. Danila Dilba is different to other health services. We do everything!”

Why Danila Dilba?

Previously working within an office environment, after the birth of her third and fourth children, Onika felt she needed a change, and was looking for a career that was more fulfilling.

Having a connection with Danila Dilba through her mother, who was a patient many years ago, Onika knew that Danila Dilba were doing really great things for the community. After talking to a friend who was working as an AHP, she knew this was the career move to make!

Now, when asked about what she likes about her role, Onika says, “I think we should start with what I don’t like… There isn’t anything! I love everything about my role. I love being able to sit down with people and create a connection with them and a sense of respect between us.

We are never rushed for time together… I mean as AHP’s we are always rushed - there isn’t enough of us, but even when we are rushed, we make the time for our people.”

Every team at Danila Dilba works together to deliver a holistic and culturally appropriate service to the community. Teamwork is a given here and Onika speaks of how her team is always supporting each other in achieving outcomes.

“I love my team! Working together is the best way we can do what we are all striving for. Once we have tackled this challenge, we can start to focus on the next one. We are ready and willing to build a stronger future for our people.”

This support spans from her small team to the organisation as a whole, with Onika so proud to work for an organisation that also supports its employees.

“They are super supportive! It’s amazing! If someone shows an area that they could excel in or they are interested in, they can really progress their career. We never get any put downs, only hands up! I love working here!”


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