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Raelene Noonan

Meet Raelene Noonan - Registered Nurse at Palmerston Gumileybirra Clinic

“People and impact are the rewarding part of my job. The outcomes of our people are what makes coming to work just so rewarding.”

After a 43 year career around Australia as a Nurse, Raelene Noonan joined Danila Dilba in 2014 and has never looked back. Inspired by her passion to work with her people and contribute to closing the gap, Raelene made the move from Adelaide up to Darwin for her role. Since joining Danila Dilba, Raelene has undertaken further study and will soon complete her course in midwifery, making Raelene our first home-grown midwife.

Why Danila Dilba?

“My daughter was living up here and had told me a lot about what Danila Dilba did. Once I understood their impact and how their work was really contributing to the community, I thought, Fairdinkum! Then I had an interview and here we are!”

Working at Danila Dilba means you forge a unique connection with the community. Health care is practiced holistically and doesn’t end when the patient leaves their appointment. It’s an ongoing support and knowledge of what’s going on in their life. This is something that Raeleen really emulates.

“I love living in the community and getting my bus to work each day because I get to see everyone and have a chat. I get talk to the people that I am helping, in a friendly environment where they can really feel my support.

We really pride ourselves on being culturally sensitive and culturally appropriate. We want our patients to feel the respect that we have for them and our culture”

Raelene is particularly excited by the role at Danila Dilba as it provides unique complexities and challenges that make every day truly different.

“I do all different things! I do everything and it is always changing. Every day when you come into work you have to be ready to face new challenges. The medical challenges but also the challenges that we can face with patients. When we are able to overcome them, it makes it so much more rewarding!”

With a strong focus on the team environment that has been developed, Raelene works at the Gumileybirra clinic primarily in women’s health. The clinic cares for mums and their babies during and after pregnancy, including specialist care for high-risk mothers.

“I definitely feel the support from people around me. I like working with people who are all focused on the same outcome, closing the gap in Indigenous health care. My team is also very supportive, both at work and in life. I love talking to everyone. They are my family here.”

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