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Entering the NT in a COVID-19 world

At present, visitors from various COVID-19 outbreak hotspots around the country are barred from entering the NT unless they get a specific exemption, or they are a returning resident; those that return from a hotspot area must undergo hotel quarantine at their own cost. This current system is known as the ‘hot spots policy’. For information about what this might mean for you, please see the Northern Territory Government's quarantine requirements.

However, as vaccination rates increase, the NT’s border policies are going to change; we’ll be moving from the ‘hot spots policy’ to three travel categories. For full details of these changes, head to the Northern Territory Governments freedoms and restrictions page.

When the NT hits over 80% of the population over 16 being fully vaccinated, along with several other more specific vaccination targets, the three travel categories policy will begin. These categories are based on vaccination status of traveller.

In short, all people from green categories will be allowed to enter the NT.

Unvaccinated people from orange (low-to-medium risk) COVID-19 areas or red (high risk) COVID-19 areas, as determined by the NT’s Chief Health Officer, will be banned from entering the NT unless they have an approved reason. If they can enter, they will have to do 14 days at Howard Springs or Alice Springs at their own cost. The only allowances are for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Vaccinated people will be able to come into the NT without any particular reason. They will also be able to self-quarantine at home – until they return a negative test if coming from an orange zone, or for 14 days if coming from a red zone.