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Jenon Batty

Meet Jenon Batty - Senior Project Officer for Tackling Indigenous Smoking

“The most important thing for Aboriginal workers, is that the organisation they work for is culturally safe and has an understanding of our individual circumstances and Indigenous identity. Danila Dilba offers me that.”

Jenon Batty grew up in Darwin but had never imagined she would return there for her career. After living and working in South Australia for some time, as soon as Jenon moved back to Darwin in 2016, she quickly applied for a role as an Action Worker within the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program at Danila Dilba. Six months later she was promoted to Senior Project Officer and has been loving her new role ever since.

Her role involves educating people about the effects of tobacco smoking, including the health, financial and social impacts while supporting people to quit through both individual and one-to-one services. Her team provides tailored support, intervention, motivation interviews and strategy development for people to reach their health goals.

Why Danila Dilba?

“I always had an interest in health as I did my undergraduate degree in exercise science and had a desire to work in preventative health. Working for Danila Dilba was always a priority for me, as I had known about their impact and work for some time. I wanted to work somewhere I could make a real impact. I get to see the change of behaviours, especially among young people here. I contribute to helping communities make better choices for their health.”

Working at Danila Dilba provides a vast variety in any role and gives employees the opportunity to really connect with the community. Every day is different for Jenon with her role providing the flexibility to manage a diverse range of initiatives within her space.

“It is so varied. I don’t just sit in the office all day. I get to go out to the community and really be involved. One day I might be working on health promotion resources and materials or organising a promotion event, and the next day I could be talking to school children or working alongside staff in our clinics.”

As Jenon works within a small team, she admits it can be challenging when there is so much to do! What this does allow for is the opportunity to bounce ideas and come up with meaningful solutions that she can be proud of. Being so connected to the wider Danila Dilba teams means support is always there when she needs it.

“Besides my core team, I also work alongside our other community service programs including ‘Alcohol and Other Drugs’ and ‘Social and Emotional Wellbeing.’ I am always seeing new faces and this makes my role even more diverse and not stagnant. These people are so accepting, encouraging and most of all professional. They are always willing to help each other out, no matter what.”

Having moved into her new position recently, Jenon said she felt supported every step of the way! Danila Dilba are proud to empower their employees when opportunities become available and support them long into their career with us.

“The management and other supervisors are very supportive in fostering growth and that’s not just in your area of expertise but in other projects, training or education that you are interested in. I put my hand up for this position and was supported by everyone. At Danila Dilba they really do allow you to grow.”

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